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Xbox finally confirms 4 exclusives coming to PlayStation 5

Xbox finally confirms 4 exclusives coming to PlayStation 5

Xbox has confirmed four exclusives coming to PlayStation

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has finally updated fans after a long week of speculation, and it would appear the reports of Xbox leaving consoles behind for good were greatly exaggerated.

In a special episode of the Official Xbox Podcast, top boss Phil Spencer wasted no time in diving into the rumours that multiple Xbox exclusives are bound for rival consoles, including PlayStation 5.

You may be slightly disappointed to learn that after a week of waiting, Spencer won't actually say which Xbox exclusives are coming to PlayStation 5. However, he did confirm that at present, there are plans to bring a total of four games to rival consoles.

Before we go any further, Spencer immediately ruled out Starfield and the upcoming Indiana Jones. That's not to say these games won't ever arrive on PlayStation 5, but it would seem this is currently not the plan.

The most prevalent rumours would suggest that Sea Of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush are two of the four games, but Spencer clarified that these games will be revealed for new platforms on the developers' terms.

"We made the decision that we're going to take four games to the other consoles, just four games, not a change to our fundamental exclusive strategy," Spencer explained. "We looked at games that are over a year old, so they've been on Xbox and PC for a while. A couple of the games are community driven games. We think it's important that these service based games that have communities behind them, that they can have confidence that they're going to exist in the future, so to have those community driven games that will end up on other platforms and give us the ability to continue to invest in them. We think that's great for the business and great for the communities more players to play with."

Elsewhere in the podcast Spencer hinted that the company could judge future exclusives leaving Xbox based on how successful the currently planned four releases are. So is there still hope for The Elder Scrolls VI, my PlayStation dudes? Well, maybe. But "no promises" is very much the vibe.

"We think there's a good brand value for Xbox with these four games, but no promise beyond that," Spencer said. So if you're on those other platforms, and you see these four games coming, please don't take it as some signal that everything's coming. It's not and we're going to learn. There's really no fundamental change to how we think about exclusivity."

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Sony

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