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Starfield: You can play as a giant space worm, if you really want to

Starfield: You can play as a giant space worm, if you really want to

One Starfield player has discovered a side quests that allows you to play as a giant cursed space worm.

One Starfield player has stumbled across a very silly quest indeed. If you really want to, you can play the game as a cursed space worm.

Starfield is a game of seemingly endless discovery. Particularly as players are now teasing that it gets ‘weirder’ each time you enter New Game Plus. Certainly, some have taken issue with Starfield’s fast travel - particularly the abundance of loading screens. In our 10 out of 10 review though, we deemed the game to be “revolutionary” in its scale. With over 1,000 planets to explore, it’s no wonder that Starfield has already drawn in six million players, making it Bethesda’s most successful launch of all-time. I could lose just hours exploring New Atlantis, Neon, and Akila City - let alone the whole galaxy. It was while exploring that one player stumbled across a cursed worm quest.

Take a look at our review of Starfield below.

Twitter user SkullziTV posted several screenshots showing his Starfield player running around in a big ol’ worm costume. He wrote, “I just found the best armour in Starfield”. Many assumed it to be a mod, but no. You can actually wear a big giant worm costume. SkullziTV said the costume is acquired as a part of a side quest.

You can find the quest at New Homestead on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. The worm costume is only given to you during the quest, so if you want to keep it to go worming around the galaxy, you’ll need to make sure you don’t complete the objective. Otherwise, the outfit will be taken off you. Apparently, if you wear the outfit during certain encounters, you’ll get unique dialogue.

“I just did that quest, amazing,” a fellow player added. “No boost pack while wearing it but otherwise I agree, hilarious,” said another. Some reported being able to retain the costume even after completing the quest, but not all so if you want the worm, proceed with caution.

Featured Image Credit: SkullziTV via Twitter, Bethesda

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