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Starfield free download adds new content we've been begging for

Starfield free download adds new content we've been begging for

Fans have been heard, but is it too late?

Our prayers have been answered. Well, some of them have, at least.

Bethesda doesn’t seem able to find its equilibrium with Starfield. It’s by no means a poor game, yet the sci-fi RPG has failed to win over the masses no matter what the developers do.

The latest free update, which introduces a new bounty hunting mission, is being review bombed by players.

Be sure to watch the Starfield: Shaterred Space expansion reveal below

You’re now able to create entire planets thanks to the Creation Kit, and so the ire it’s facing seems incredibly uncalled for.

That's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fantastic new content this update delivers, though; if only the naysayers bothered to look, they’d find a wealth of goodies to enjoy.

One free Starfield download has introduced Star Wars mods; armour inspired by The Book of Boba Fett, and The Mandalorian.

Our interest was already piqued, but when we learned that these mods are available for Xbox, we got as giddy as kids in a sweet shop.

“F**k well now, I actually wouldn't mind playing Starfield just to larp,” posted one Twitter user.

Others, while excited, questioned its impact on achievements. “Does this disable achievements? I assume so, but wanted to check before I jumped in and couldn’t play the DLC with my main save,” commented another player.

Unfortunately, these mods don’t support achievements. But even if they did, we doubt anything could save Starfield from its doomed fate.

With more Bethesda titles on the horizon, like the new Indiana Jones game, a lot of gamers are pulling away from Starfield. Not that they were deeply attached before that, mind you.

The next few weeks feel critical for the future of Starfield. Hopefully the new update will steadily gain traction with the fandom, but we won’t hold our breath.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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