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Starfield fans are already torn over in-game nudity

Starfield fans are already torn over in-game nudity

Starfield fans are already torn over how much in-game nudity they want to see.

To dress or not to dress, that is the question Starfield fans are keen to ask Bethesda. In other words, they want to know just how much in-game nudity is going to be included in the studio’s upcoming epic space RPG. Why? That one I don’t have the answer to.

Starfield is set to be a whopper of a game. There are over 1,000 planets to explore and 10% of these contain signs of life. That’s a good 100 civilisations we’ll need to visit - and let’s not forget the other planets will still hold valuable resources. Understandably, the game’s Star Map may just be the biggest thing we’ve ever seen. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, lucky you, because you can pre-download the game now so you’re ready to dive in on release day. It boasts a large file size but surprisingly the game isn’t as long as you might think. Speaking of things that aren’t as long as you might think, let’s talk about nudity. Fans can’t quite decide how much they want to see.

Take a look at the latest trailer for Starfield below.

Over on Reddit, one user wrote, “Will Bethesda finally bite the bullet and put nudity in this game? We all know romance in video games only matters if it's X-rated.” Not true, but we move. Some players are keen for that to be the case. Another user added, “I like some strong d**k myself too, but that would severely limit the target audience.” Right, moving on. Others were less keen. “I just want better player models that actually look like people and better underwear that doesn’t look like rags put together and dipped in bleach,” said another.

So, what do we actually know about Starfield’s nudity to put the minds of these troubled fans at ease? Well, earlier this year, it was revealed that Starfield’s sex scenes are pretty wild. Raunchy lines reportedly include, “Life is a sexually transmitted disease that's a hundred percent fatal,” and, “I'm all for getting a little wild, but next time let's try it without the jetpacks.” Jetpacks? I have so many questions.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the scenes will go into the same graphic detail as say Cyberpunk 2077 for example. Still, you clearly will be able to kick off a romance in space and escalate that should you wish, so hopefully that provides some satisfaction.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, CD Projekt RED

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