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Starfield 60fps update is now a 'viable' option

Starfield 60fps update is now a 'viable' option

A Starfield 60fps update is now a 'viable' option according to Digital Foundry.

Despite it only being two months since it was first released, it seems as though 60fps is already much “more viable” on Xbox Series X for Bethesda’s space RPG Starfield.

When Starfield was released back in September, talk soon turned to the game’s performance which came in at 30fps on launch. With no performance mode on Microsoft’s consoles, it seemed as though 30fps was the best players were going to get. However, Digital Foundry now believes that the Xbox Series X could see a 60fps mode for Starfield in the future.

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This news comes after Digital Foundry spent time exploring the beta version of Starfield which was released on Steam by Bethesda earlier this month. It was during its time with the beta that Digital Foundry saw room for improvement with the title’s performance modes.

"The game's performance has also improved noticeably with the beta patch” they said in a recent Youtube video. “This performance boost is nearly replicated on a lower-tier Ryzen 5 3600 system, where I recorded a 17 percent frame-rate improvement with the beta patch installed. This brings this CPU into 60fps territory much more frequently, which makes a big difference to how smooth the game feels to play. This kind of a performance uplift makes me think a performance mode on console could be much more viable now, given that the 3600 and the Xbox Series X CPU operate within a similar performance profile."

As a result, the beta updates being applied to the full game could mean that 60fps in Starfield will be much more viable for Xbox Series X users. Although Bethesda are yet to confirm this, we see no reason why it wouldn’t want to boost the title’s performance.

In related news, Starfield was recently snubbed at The Game Awards nominations but with 2023 being an excellent year of game releases, many fans are unsurprised at the news.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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