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Halo meets Call of Duty Zombies in epic new limited-time free download

Halo meets Call of Duty Zombies in epic new limited-time free download

It's an exciting time for OG Call of Duty fans

Available for a limited time, Halo Infinite players will have a chance to take part in a Call of Duty Zombies-like experience which is guaranteed to remind you of the original shooter.

Released back in 2021, Halo Infinite is the sixth mainline instalment in the much-loved Halo series and despite originally being called out for a lack of content, has managed to redeem itself over the past few years.

Check out the brand-new Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 trailer below!

This was mainly due to the arrival of Halo Infinite’s Forge mode which marked the start of a plethora of incredible creations from players, allowing them to access mini-games within the main title all at no extra cost.

With an entire battle royale mode to name just one, the Forge has been a success for Halo Infinite and it stands to improve even further thanks to the recent arrival of the Call of Duty Zombies tribute.

Developed by the Forge Falcons, this zombie-esque shooter features round-based PvE titled Survive the Undead. As you can probably expect, the main goal will be to survive the zombies who will come at you with hammers, swords and even guns.

Surviving means you will be able to spend points on upgrades, perks, weapons and even a mystery box reminiscent of Call of Duty.

Survive the Undead will take place across two unique maps and although it takes a lot of inspiration from CoD, it still has Halo Infinite’s flourishes with parkour and gunplay.

In related news, attention has already turned to the future of the Halo franchise, and more specifically Halo 7. However, according to recent news, the next instalment is set to bring back the series' creator.

If this is true, it is set to be an exciting few years for die-hard Halo fans.

As for Call of Duty fans, yesterday saw Activision release its first teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 and it’s not one to miss out on.

Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries, Activision

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