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The Witcher 4 teaser promises the epic sequel we've been waiting for

The Witcher 4 teaser promises the epic sequel we've been waiting for

A massive new adventure is on the horizon

Waiting for Geralt to return to us (if, in fact, he even will) isn’t easy. But with The Witcher 4 shaping up to be a beast of a game, we’re willing to suffer a little bit longer.

As CD Projekt Red continues to tirelessly work on its epic sequel, we’ve been working just as hard to figure out what we know about the new game thus far.

Yet, it’s still not enough for us.

Throwing it back to The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine trailer

The developers are not about to reveal all the juicy details just yet, however, they’ve promised us that The Witcher 4 is the “largest game” they’ve developed.

As reported by PC Gamer, during a financial presentation, CDPR’s join CEO, Michał Nowakowsk, said, “Over 400 people are currently working on the game, and we plan to move on to the production phase in the second half of the year.”

Compared to the last time we got an update on the game, the numbers haven’t dramatically altered. And while there’s been teasers that have been music to our ears, the highly anticipated sequel is far from complete.

Given the frosty reception Cyberpunk 2077 initially received, CDPR is taking a different approach with the next Witcher title.

“I would actually not look at Cyberpunk as the guidebook of how it's going to be with The Witcher specifically,” Nowakowsk remarked.

In short, this project isn’t going to be rushed, nor will trailers drop before the game is ready to be revealed.

This might not be the news you’ve been waiting for, but if nothing else, it demonstrates how dedicated the team is to making sure the next Witcher adventure is everything we’ve been begging for.

Despite the agonising wait ahead, we’ve got plenty of ways to prepare for our return to monster hunting; specifically, learning which The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ending is canon.

Brush up on that lore – but don’t rush, for you’ve got more than enough time to refresh your memory.

Featured Image Credit: Cd Projekt Red

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