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The Witcher 3 quietly confirmed which ending is canon years ago and we never noticed

The Witcher 3 quietly confirmed which ending is canon years ago and we never noticed

Canon lore has dropped, folks

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may have three endings, but only one is canonical, and it seems we’ve overlooked that fact for years.

The “correct” conclusion to the story has been debated since the game’s launch in 2015, with many players adamant that all routes for Ciri hold equal merit.

However, if Ciri became queen rather than a monster hunter, it would completely change the course of The Witcher franchise.

Seems fitting to watch The Witcher Sirens of the Deep announcement as we look toward the future of the franchise

Consequently, the canon ending is for Ciri to become a Witcher.

A steam player explained as much in a long community post, in which they highlighted O’dimm’s significance.

“He [O’dimm] tells you information to keep Ciri from danger, but most of what he tells you doesn't lead her from danger so much as leads you towards a specific ending.”

They continued, “Follow all of O'dimm's advice [...] and you can only come to one ending: where she [Ciri] becomes a Witcher and travels with Geralt for the foreseeable future.”

Before heated discussions start up as CD Projekt Red fans rush to tell me how incorrect this is, and that O’dimm isn’t necessary to achieve this ending, the OP has some choice words for you.

When called out on this theory, they said, “O’dimm giving you that specific advice rather than advice leading to her becoming the queen means that the developers consider that the canon ending.”

A shocking revelation hasn’t been discovered, but rather words given to what we’ve chosen to ignore when playing The Witcher.

Ciri as the queen/empress might still have led us to the story awaiting us in The Witcher 4, but it’s clear from early on that Ciri desired becoming a Witcher far more than remaining royalty.

Given their close relationship, it does feel canon that Ciri and Geralt are united through their experiences and lifestyle choices.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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