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Steam dropping hundreds of free games for you to check out this week

Steam dropping hundreds of free games for you to check out this week

Steam gamers can dive into hundreds of new free games this week

You look like someone who likes a good free game. Or at least the version of you, the reader, I'm imagining in my head right now does. You've got great hair, too. What product do you use? Completely natural, you say? Wow.

Anyway, if you're a Steam gamer with time to kill, you're about to be buried in hundreds of free games. And the best part? They're some of the most exciting releases of the next few years and beyond. What a lucky little gamer you are.

Take a look at one of the most beautiful upcoming 2024 games below!

Starting tomorrow, 5 February, Steam Next Fest is back. For those who aren't quite sure what this is, it's nothing to be afraid of. Heck, it'd be weird if you were afraid.

Steam Next Fest is a showcase of all the biggest upcoming games, with hundreds of up-and-coming new releases from studios big and small. And as much as we all love a good trailer, the best way to really get the feel for a game is to play the fecker - and that's exactly what Steam Next Fest is all about, baby.

“Seven days, hundreds of demos and hours of developer livestreams,” is what awaits during Steam Next Fest, writes Valve. “A multi-day celebration of upcoming games. Explore and play hundreds of demos, choose from dozens of livestreams to watch, and chat with developers about their games."

Steam Next Fest runs 5 February to 12 February, and you'd best believe we'll be with you all week highlighting the biggest and best games you need to play. Because we love you. Also because we kind of need you to click our articles so we can continue to pay for luxuries like food and rent. But mostly because we love you.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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