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Steam making hit game free for you to download and keep forever

Steam making hit game free for you to download and keep forever

All to keep the game alive

If you've got a Steam account and you were considering paying money for a game like some kind of commoner, you might want to wait a second.

See, anyone with a Steam account (which I assume is the vast majority of PC gamers) can soon get their grubby little mitts on a little-known but well loved game - completely free.

Knightfall: A Daring Journey is a 2022 28-player fantasy battle royale from developer and publisher Landfall, who you probably know best in 2024 for the excellent Content Warning.

"Two knights, a strong bond, and a long journey," reads the game's Steam description. "Take up the race for the rose, ride from town to town and take shelter before nightfall by any means necessary! If your bond is strong and your horse drifts well, you can be the recipient of the fabled rose. Luckily you brought guns!"

In a recent update posted to Steam, Landfall confirmed that Knightfall would be going free to download and keep from 18 June.

Landfall was pretty blunt about why the game is going free. Simply put, it doesn't currently have enough players, and it's the studio's hope that making it free will fix that issue.

"The game currently doesn’t have enough active players to populate servers to start games and we don’t want to charge people for a game they can’t play," Landfall wrote in a blog post. "By making the game free we will hopefully get more full games!

"We want to thank all of you who have supported the game so far and we hope you can gather some of your friends up to play some rounds once it goes free next week."

Knightfall doesn't look like a world-changing battle royale, but it definitely looks like it could be a laugh. I reckon it'll be worth checking out next week.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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