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Steam freebie: three huge RPGs free to download and play, no subscription needed

Steam freebie: three huge RPGs free to download and play, no subscription needed

Not one, not, but THREE RPGs for free right now?! Hell yeah!

Typically when there’s mention of free games, it has the caveat attached that you need to be a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass subscriber. But that isn’t the case this time, as three massive RPGs are free to download and play on Steam, with no subscription necessary.

Although 2023 is the year of Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3, there are other RPGs that have been around longer, and that are almost guaranteed to bring you enjoyment because they’ve been played by thousands of gamers. One such game that has over 30,000 reviews, most of which are “overwhelmingly positive” is State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition.

Speaking of free gems, Sea of Stars joins PS Plus on 29 August.

Released in 2020, this special edition of the Xbox game not only includes the base game but all three of the add-ons as well, like the Daybreak pack. Armed with your know-how, weapons, and a will to live despite death surrounding you, you need to make your way across this open world in order to survive. If you’ve ever wondered if you’d survive a zombie apocalypse, use this as a litmus test – if you die a lot, you can kiss life goodbye when the undead rise in real life.

Are zombies not your thing? You could sample the delights of Steam’s For The King instead, thanks to its ‘Free Weekend’ event happening right as I type this. This is a much more adorable-looking title, and has fewer grisly deaths, although the king has been assassinated, so it’s not without violence. Developed by IronOak Games, players need to strategically work their way through this game in order to serve a heavy dose of justice. With RPG, tabletop elements, and strategy, it’s no surprise why this is another “overwhelmingly positive” reviewed Steam game.

If neither of those two huge RPGs tickle your fancy, you could try the next PC freebie, WARSAW RISING: City of Heroes. However, while this turn-based RPG has a lot to offer, recent changes have left a lot of original players unhappy, hence it having less than favourable reviews online. Still, if you can overlook the negativity, there’s a free game to be had here that explores a very poignant moment in history.

There you have it folks, those are some pretty chonky RPGs to download and play right now. And while For The King and State of Decay 2 won’t always be free to play, you can opt to buy them if you fall in love with their charms... and gore.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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