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Steam two-hour horror could be the year's most terrifying, and you can try it for free now

Steam two-hour horror could be the year's most terrifying, and you can try it for free now

Two hours of terror await

Even when horror games aren’t that scary, I scream. If you too are an anxious ball of nerves, this two-hour long game might not be right for you.

For those who are still here, and ready to be scared, I salute your bravery. Or foolishness.

Flathead is a Steam game due to release 30 May.

Will you survive in Flathead? We wish you luck if you dare try...

Despite not being out yet, it’s clear that this title is designed to creep you out before you’ve even started – just check out the trailer and its description!

“If you're reading this, chances are things aren't looking too hot,” its Steam page reads, as brought to our attention by PCGamesN. “But that's alright - take a deep breath and focus. Today is special, as they like to remind us.”

Already quite menacing, and slightly unnerving...

It continues, “Ya pull the lever, ya see a number. Guess if the next number is higher or lower and, if you’re right, ya get some points and ya get to keep right on playin’. If you’re wrong, well… let's not worry about that... You’re gonna do just fine.”

This is apparently from a note you find in-game.

Assuming you’re not put off by this message, you’ll have to survive an onslaught of terror, body horror, and “deformed human looking creatures”; that last one is our least favourite.

This PC experience might be short in length, however, that doesn’t mean the horrific ride is over when Flathead is. If you manage to survive the horrors that await you, more threaten your survival in Silkbulb Test.

Flathead acts like the prologue for Silkbulb Test. Unlike the prologue, however, Silkbulb Test has a demo you can play.

If Flathead is this frightening though, we don’t even want to consider how spine tingling the full game will be...!

Featured Image Credit: DreadXP

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