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Steam: 19 new free games available to download and keep, no subscription needed

Steam: 19 new free games available to download and keep, no subscription needed

Summer is almost over, but there’s plenty of fun left to be had, starting with 19 free Steam titles you can add to your library right now.

Summer is almost over, but there’s plenty of fun left to be had, starting with 19 free Steam titles you can add to your library right now.

We’ve done the hard bit and listed them all below, along with a Steam link and description for each to help you determine if they’re your cup of tea.

Ever wondered what first-person Dark Souls would look like? Check out the Steam game Eldrimar below!

So without further delay, take a look at the 19 games you can download for free right now!

Project F- A tactical FPS game that features 5-on-5 team battles over defensive targets on an auto-generated map. All maps are generated for each match and will never be encountered again.

Trans Ops- Trans Ops, Fun, Fast Paced, Third Person, Tactical Shooter with 8 different Game Modes, All original Maps!

Can Strike- Your employers at Fish Co are sending in Robots to end your strike! Use your union-granted weapons to destroy the waves of robots to keep the strike going.

Unsorted Horror- A collection of 5 short first-person horror games, that revolve around detailed machinery and dread.

VIPERTRACE- Fight for survival! Unlock new areas, purchase weapons and upgrades to grow stronger, and fight off the horde with your friends!

Post-Apo Builder: Prologue- Discover a post-apocalyptic world. Collect resources and manage people Build your colony on the remains of an oil tanker Prepare supplies and vehicles for a dangerous expedition.

Ballads at Midnight- When a sarcastic bard is arrested and exiled to an abandoned castle, she expected to be at the mercy of a hungry, blood-thirsty vampire. She soon discovers that the vampire, Lucius, is not starving: he is gravely bored

Inworld Origins- After an explosion in Metropolis, you’ve arrived on the scene as the lead detective. Question witnesses, uncover the mystery, and solve the case. From the creator of The Matrix Awakens.

I Am The Landlord- Use your own creativity to build your very own apartment, and become its landlord.

Revenge Of The Shadow Ninja- Platform game with a gloomy artistic style. Challenging levels with many traps and enemies. Use all your skills to avoid dangerous traps. Destroy all opponents on your way to revenge.

Edge Of Dead Prologue- A bullet hell that lets you pickup and throw the furniture! Throw grenades and activate shields, stun enemies, shoot and dodge enemy fire and set the floor ablaze.

Snapback- A Speed-Runner Puzzle Platformer set in a robot dystopia where you are recruited to rebel against the evil GovCorp overlords, break the rules, and join the resistance!

Project Sphinx- In this first-person puzzle-solving game, you're a robot with a mission on a space station. And like any great robot, you're going to have to explore, teleport and ricochet your way around the base, in which each room and corridor is a puzzle to solve.

Railroads & Catacombs: Prologue- Start your training in Railroads & Catacombs! Learn how to build your cards in the most effective way. Test your deck against the first boss and master your strategy for the full game.

Dream Ploy Will- A 1V1 deck-building game, including a round system, war chess, and strategy play.

Sap: School Days- Plant the seeds of biomes, creatures, and whimsical machines. Watch your strategic decisions etch vibrant stories.

Farming Fever- An engaging time management game where you can become both a farmer and a chef at the same time.

Space Expedition- Embark on an unforgettable journey through an enigmatic alien world in Space Expedition, a visually stunning adventure platformer.

Death Slayer- A 2D Metroidvania-style platformer where you control Asura, a young swordswoman whose goal is to eradicate the evil that plagues her land.

Phew, and there you have it, 19 Steam games you can download for free right now. Hopefully, some of these piqued your interest, personally I’ll be checking out Death Slayer and Inworld Origins!

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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