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Steam's latest free download is going to take countless hours of my life

Steam's latest free download is going to take countless hours of my life

Clawing back the free time

I'm genuinely starting to think there might be too many video games. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older, but I'm struggling to keep up to the point that every new game that looks even slightly of interest to me fills me with dread.

Take Balatro, for example, a new(ish) poker rougelite that currently consumes my evenings. Then there's Dragon's Dogma 2, which has taken over the daylight hours of my life. There is no escape, and yet another new game looks like it's going to turn my social life into confetti.

Over on Steam you can currently download and play a brand-new game called Dungeon Clawer for free. Like Balatro, Dungeon Clawer is deadly because it combines roguelike and deckbuilding elements with claw machines. Those three things on their own would keep me occupied for endless hours, or but combined? God help me. I don't like to call games addictive, because I think it can be reductive and damaging, but oh boy does Dungeon Clawer look like the sort of game you'd need a trained SWAT team to separate me from.

Here's the official Steam synopsis:

"Dungeon Clawler is a Roguelike Claw Machine Deckbuilder. Build your unique deck, fight enemies by grabbing weapons and items from a claw machine and find special artefacts that help you on your quest to reclaim something you lost... Aim carefully to claw your way through this dungeon."

Developer Stray Fawn Studio is currently aiming for a full release later this year, but you can check out the demo at no cost now. My guess is this is going to be another runaway indie smash like Balatro, so be sure to watch this space. And, to be fair, if you value seeing friends and family in the real world, consider staying far away from Dungeon Clawer. It might just be the best thing for you.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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