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Steam free download is a 10/10 RPG you have to check out

Steam free download is a 10/10 RPG you have to check out

Check out this RPG for free

With so many video games to choose from and most trailers giving us the impression that each release is going to be the next big thing, it’s easy to waste money on a promising game that ends up being very underwhelming.

Thankfully, one of the main benefits of playing free demos is that we can get the best indication of whether or not we should part with our hard-earned cash and this stylish 10/10 indie RPG on PC called Cryptmaster, published by Akupara Games, might pique your interest.

Check out the Cryptmaster trailer below!

“In the ancient past, four brave heroes banded together to destroy a terrible evil, giving their lives to save countless others,” reads the description of the game. “But now their eternal rest has been disturbed by the Cryptmaster, a capricious necromancer in whose thrall they must ascend through the buried strata of the city above them - the gloomy Bonehouses, mysterious Sunken Sea and freakish Downwood.”

At the time of writing, Cryptmaster is receiving rave reviews from users on Steam and currently has a ‘Very Positive’ rating. “I desecrated a statue, the voice in my head told me to. 10/10,” said a troubled but obviously very happy gamer.

“Thoroughly unique, highly enjoyable, and endlessly engaging and brilliant,” exclaimed Silo64. “Fun word puzzles with a touch of mystery in an interesting world,” wrote SerendipiDuck.

Cryptmaster is one of the wittiest, most original and downright fun games I’ve played all year. Your interactions with the faux-evil Cryptmaster feel natural and the devs have custom reactions to so many inputs you will be grinning from ear to ear every few minutes or so,” Christophe explained.

At the time of writing, Cryptmaster is only announced for PC but hopefully, we’ll get a console release one day, because this indie delight seems like it would be great to play on the Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Valve/Akupara Games

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