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Steam free download is perfect if you loved Hogwarts Legacy

Steam free download is perfect if you loved Hogwarts Legacy

Create spells and fight off hordes of monsters

Fans of Hogwarts Legacy should not miss out on this upcoming roguelike inspired by magic and all its capabilities.

Wandness is an upcoming roguelike set to arrive in Q4 of 2024. Developed by Knight Owl Games, players will need to “craft wands, create synergies, battle monsters and survive”. Sounds easy enough, right?

Until then, check out the Hogwarts Legacy trailer below!

With magical combat found in Hogwarts Legacy but transformed into your typical roguelike title, Wandness will see players dive into the depths of magic crafting in order to forge spells from magical components and elemental gems. As a result, there are countless spells to create with no run being the same.

So much so that you will be able to mix over 50 magical components to make unique and powerful wands, each with their own projectiles and behaviour. Adding gems will make them even more powerful with combinations helping adapt your attacks.

However, there is more to this game than just crafting and when you have built your spell set, you will enter procedurally generated dungeons “and unleash your magic madness to overcome the darkness”.

Fight off waves of enemies in 40-60 minutes of action-packed combat and do what it takes to survive the monster hordes. With elements to mix and synergies to create, you can become the most powerful magic wielder in history.

Better yet, Wandness is now available to try out for free courtesy of a free Steam demo. With limited access to the game, this is the perfect time to try before you buy, especially as there is not yet a release date for the roguelike title.

Until then, you can check out dozens of free open-world downloads on the Valve storefront including Rust, Subnautica and No Man’s Sky.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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