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Steam just dropped dozens of free open-world downloads you can grab now

Steam just dropped dozens of free open-world downloads you can grab now

Get some free open-world titles to play

Steam often holds sales based on a general theme. We’ve had various events over the years and the latest is a barn-stormer as it focuses solely on open-world survival games, which are white hot currently.

Survival games are all the rage at the moment with many developers getting in on the action, so it makes sense for Steam to host a sale with this in mind.

No Man's Sky has come a long way since its release and now featuers more content than you can imagine

You can get some solid bargains in the offer, but you can also snag a few freebies too. As with most recent sales there are some free items to grab from the Points Shop.

These include a lovely animated diamond sticker for Steam chat, as well as an animated avatar that displays various foods, items, and tools you’d usually find in survival games.

Then there’s the avatar frame - also animated - which brings a survival accent to your avatar with moving bricks and blocks.

Of course, you’re here for the games as well and there are plenty to enjoy, with many of the bangers being Steam Deck verified for plenty of gaming on the go.

Rust currently features a big 50% discount if you’re looking for a hardcore survival action game. However if you want something a bit more laid back you can go for No Man’s Sky and take a more chill look at exploration.

The brilliant Subnautica is featured in the sale and comes with a hearty recommendation from me as one of the best survival games I’ve played in the past few years. It nails the fear of isolation, too.

Pacific Drive has a 20% discount - the first time it’s had a big discount, in fact - and it’s a game we love here as our review said “Pacific Drive’s innate style is more than enough to guarantee you one of 2024’s most exciting rides so far.”

Featured Image Credit: Valve, Hello Games

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