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This Steam free download is one of the prettiest games we've ever seen

This Steam free download is one of the prettiest games we've ever seen

This charming indie delight looks gorgeous!

Sometimes a game can come along and tickle us in the feels with its cute design and immersive gameplay, and one such game could be the free Steam title that is the topic of today’s discussion.

The Steam game in question on PC is the indie title developed and published by Catvin Catowsky, Harmonis: the hand-made Kingdoms and it might just be one of the prettiest games we’ve ever seen. I can’t help but think that this charming game could be an absolute delight being played on the handheld systems, the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

Check out the Harmonis: the hand-made Kingdoms gameplay below!

“Create a hexagonal world, explore and observe the creatures that inhabit it! You are the creator, and you can both make their lives easier... if you want to ;),” reads the description of Harmonis: the hand-made Kingdoms on the Steam store page.

So what kind of game is Harmonis: the hand-made Kingdoms, other than being something pretty to look at, I hear you ask. Harmonis: the hand-made Kingdoms is a cosy city builder with deep sandbox features that allows your creativity to run wild.

It has procedurally generated features, so you know that no playthrough will be the same and the bigger your cities grow, the more inhabitants will live in it and hopefully, they will all flourish.

However, developer Catvin Catowsky warns “You need to choose wisely which areas and buildings to add to the world. You need to keep a balance, or you will have to start all over again.”

Harmonis: the hand-made Kingdoms doesn't have a solid release date at the time of writing nor has console platforms been announced but it is expected to be released on PC in May 2024. In the meantime, you can check out the game today by downloading its free playable demo via Steam.

Featured Image Credit: Valve/Catvin Catowsky

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