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Steam 8 weird and wonderful games you can download and play free now

Steam 8 weird and wonderful games you can download and play free now

A little bit of something for everyone

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, gaming is an expensive hobby. That’s why the concept of ‘try before you buy’ is more important than ever.

Major releases can now cost upwards of £70. It’s not as easy to part with that kind of cash on, say, a new IP as it is a more reliable sequel.

Releasing a demo is a great way of getting potential players on board. You need look no further than Stellar Blade.

The demo allowed would-be players to get a sense of the game’s combat and world design, likely securing the title many more pre-orders.

Well, if you’re a PC gamer, Steam should be your go-to place for such demos. The storefront is packed to the rafters with free trials of hundreds of games from major studio releases to delightful indies.

Today, I’m going to highlight just eight weird and wonderful titles that you can check out for free now.

Sand Land is up first. Take a look at the game in action below.

Bandai Namco’s Sand Land, based on the manga of the same name by Akira Toriyama, launched just last month and yes, you can sample a free demo on Steam as well as on PlayStation and Xbox.

In our review, GAMINGbible’s Sam Cawley wrote, “I felt satisfied with Sand Land. As someone who enjoyed the manga and the Disney+ series, I found it to be an admirable adaptation of its fantastic story, and being put into the driving seat of the tank and all the other vehicles was still good fun, even towards the end of the game.”

If 2.5D turn-based RPGs are more your thing, you won’t be disappointed by Octopath Traveler II’s demo. We granted this game an impressive nine out of 10, writing, “Octopath Traveler II is overflowing with heart and soul, and is an absolute joy to experience. Ever since I loaded up the game, I’ve wanted to do little more than explore Solistia, perfect my team and fight all the tough bosses I can find, even if only to listen to the outstanding music that will surely accompany the fight. If you’re going to dedicate your time to any long RPG this year, let it be this one.”

My personal pick on this list is the recently added demo for Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden which is easily my favourite new IP of 2024 thus far.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s the year’s most underrated RPG. From the creators of Life Is Strange, this action RPG blends the worlds of The Witcher and God of War to create a truly thrilling new supernatural tale.

If survival games are more your thing, Soulmask boasts a whopping 40-hour demo - longer than most full releases. It’s Far Cry meets Valheim, with the game entering early access on 18 June. Players are tasked with building their own tribe, utilising the power of a mysterious mask.

If you’re after a soulslike with an anime twist, then Plushie From The Sky is a good pick. “A goofy action RPG. Armed with a plushie, smack down nightmarish foes with cuddly chaos. Cheese the boss. Dodge roll your way to victory,” reads the description.

For you action-roguelike lovers, the upcoming Realm of Ink looks positively delightful. Created in an ink-style, this game sees players pursue the Fox Demon as the swordswoman Red.

“Red unexpectedly finds that her life is dictated by the 'destiny' within the world of the book. Only by breaking free can she unveil the truth of her existence and challenge the constraints of fate,” reads the synopsis.

For a Stardew Valley-esque experience, I recommend Moonlight Peaks which sees you star as Dracula’s daughter. Determined to step out from your father’s shadow, Moonlight Peaks tasks players with establishing a bustling and magical farmstead within a quaint supernatural town.

Finally, I’ll draw your attention to the similar vampiric Brocula - although this one’s a strategy RPG.

“Embark on an enchanting journey as Brocula, a vampire awakening after centuries. Earn money through part-time jobs, explore the town, salvage your castle, and enhance your vampire skills. Unleash your dark reputation, amass fortunes, and shape your immortal legacy.”

That’s plenty to dive into - and I’ve only scratched the surface.

Featured Image Credit: Leap Studio, Focus Entertainment

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