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Steam drops 6 full-length free games, available for PC users to download now

Steam drops 6 full-length free games, available for PC users to download now

More freebies have arrived

Valve’s platform is once again delivering a fine array of free games to keep us busy this weekend and beyond.

Whenever Steam drops six new free games, we get very excited. Granted, console players likely aren’t pleased, but PC gamers are in for a treat (or several).

As shared via Free Steam Games on Twitter, six more adventures of differing tales have been added to the free games library.

Another Steam game you might want to check out is Nightmare Kart!

These are as follows:

  • Idle Fishing – Relaxation is the aim of this fishing game, that and catching fish, of course. With daily quests, and multiple boat designs to unlock, there’s much to do while admiring nature.
  • Singing Peaks – Platform and puzzle solve your way through this pixel art world to reach the summit of Mt. Nihara, as you fight to redeem yourself.
  • Viking Rise – Gain the advantage over your enemies and secure victory for your people in this online multiplayer strategy game.
  • Zombie Killer – Can you survive the horde of undead chasing you down for your flesh? You’ll soon find out while trying to stay alive on this zombie infested island.
  • Striker Manager 3 – Like Football Manager but slightly different, though the goal remains the same: to become the best manager in the world.
  • Knockout City – Love a good fight? In this game, brawling is the aim of the game. Pit your crew against others to see who comes out on top.

Some of the free games listed are more adrenaline filled than others – though maybe fishing can prove intense if you’re doing it well...?

Regardless of your interests, the games on offer should help while away the hours, and maybe introduce you to a type of game and/or genre you’ve never entertained the thought of before.

As always, make sure to check whether the aforementioned experiences play on both PC and Mac, so you don’t get left disappointed and frustrated.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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