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Steam adds 6 more free games in hefty 12 game March giveaway

Steam adds 6 more free games in hefty 12 game March giveaway

12 is the magic number. Probably.

I didn't think we'd see another year like 2023 for video games any time soon, but good god 2024 is already giving last year a run for its money. I don't think I can keep up.

I'm currently trying to make my way through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but I've also got Balatro calling to me like a siren on the rocks. Then there's Dragon's Dogma 2 just around the corner, and I want to replay Elden Ring ahead of the expansion in June. I'd quit my job if I didn't need it for luxuries like rent and food.

Take a look at our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review below!

Anyway, because there clearly aren't enough games doing the rounds at the moment, I thought I'd draw your attention to 12 free games currently available on Steam. These are all smaller, stranger titles than some of the AAA bangers you might be used to, but if you're gaming on a budget you could find something really awesome to play.

  • Special Force Legion Of Monsters - I'm not going to lie to you, this one has mostly negative reviews. But if you're really keen you can play it yourself and form your own opinion.
  • RaceTrap - A cute looking arcade racer.
  • Duel Revolution - Doesn't look a thing like Pokémon. Nope. Nothing to see here, Nintendo lawyers.
  • Meta-Ghost: Prologue - A really stunning looking cyberpunk rougelike.
  • Bolt 'N' Punch - A fun, stylish beat 'em up set in a food factory.
  • Guano - You play as an asshole seagull. That's the entire premise, but it's a strong one.
  • Night Runners - Looks an awful lot like a Need For Speed game set in Japan, which is definitely not a bad thing.
  • World War Next - A free-to-play low poly FPS that looks like it could be a good amount of silly fun.
  • Operation Space Force - Another free-to-play shooter, though this one is set in space. I'm sure you probably could've worked that out from the title, though.
  • World of Shooting - A first-person shooting sports sim that aims to offer a more realistic experience. Instead of running around shooting bad guys in the face, you try being a responsible gun owner and shoot targets.
  • Moon Rider - A really rather striking looking adventure game that claims to be all about soul searching. Sounds like it could be an interesting experience.
  • The Tipping Point - A free educational game designed to teach kids about climate science. Whip it out in your classroom and become the coolest teacher ever.
Featured Image Credit: Valve

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