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Steam 14 free downloads available now, but you don't have forever

Steam 14 free downloads available now, but you don't have forever

Claim and keep these freebies forever

Who wants to claim some snazzy Steam freebies that you can download now and keep forever? If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you’re in the right place.

While it’s nice to claim some free video games, which there are plenty of on platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and mobile devices, it’s also nice to claim some freebies that might be able to add some sparkle to our gaming profiles and social media posts.

Check out the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trailer below.

Right now, Steam is hosting its annual Summer Sale which has plenty of bargains on offer, such as picking up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for £2.49, Mass Effect Legendary Editon for £4.99, or the Resident Evil 2 remake for £8.74. However, to celebrate all your Steam savings or commiserate your bank balance, you can claim 14 free chat stickers and one trading card per day, as brought to our attention by Reddit user MeguminShiro.

The free chat sticker and trading card promotion has already been in motion for several days now, so you will miss out on a few. Yet, you still have plenty of time left to claim any freebies that are available until the promotion ends on 11 July 2024.

So if you want to claim these Steam freebies to keep forever, do so now to avoid missing out and being hit by the backhand of disappointment.

However, not everyone is excited by the daily Steam freebies but thankfully, a Reddit user offered an easy solution to one conundrum. “No, I dislike the daily claim because I usually forget half the days,” exclaimed a Reddit user to which opinionatedalt replied, “Making a recurring reminder or alarm to claim could help.”

That all being said, what are you waiting for? Go and claim your freebies now before time runs out.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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