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Palworld challenged as Steam's highest rated game by Cyberpunk 2077 inspired action-adventure

Palworld challenged as Steam's highest rated game by Cyberpunk 2077 inspired action-adventure

Palworld has a competitor to challenge its dominance on Steam

Palworld has been powering ahead in the Steam charts, disseminating many previously high rated titles in its path. Yet now a challenger has emerged, one who is no longer a tiny dot on the horizon but is so dangerously close to beating the game that it’s proving a tense battle to witness.

Anyone that isn’t already aware of Palworld, we have to ask what you’ve been doing this last week; since launch, it's gone from strength to strength, despite The Pokémon Company launching an investigation into copyright claims.

Not that Pocket Pair, the devs behind the Steam game, has taken any notice – it’s too busy dealing with the onslaught of terrifying horny fan-art to notice. Nothing like a sense of community spirit to really send those sales soaring!

See what all the fuss is about with the Anomaly Agent launch trailer

Impressive reviews, though, are now neck and neck with a Cyberpunk 2077 inspired action platformer, meaning that these two games are competing to become the highest rated game on Valve’s platform. If you thought Palworld had this one in the bag, think again.

Anomaly Agent isn’t about to shy away from healthy competition, with its “overwhelmingly positive” reviews already in the thousands. Described as a “masterpiece”, this pixel-art action packed world strikes a very different cord than Palworld, but not one any less interesting.

According to Steam250, a website that tracks the best reviewed Steam games, Anomaly Agent has an overall score of 8.37, while Palworld is at 8.43. It’s close. To add further drama to this affair, according to another tracking website – SteamDB – it’s Anomaly Agent who’s in the lead with an overall score of 93.76 percent compared to Palworld’s 92.97 percent.

One more review could tip the balance and send one of these titles drastically in the lead, it’s just a case of when that’ll happen, not if. Despite our enjoyment of Palworld, we hope Anomaly Agent wins this one, it’s just got such a punchy, fun atmosphere.

Featured Image Credit: Phew Phew Games, Pocket Pair Inc

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