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Overwatch 2 just became Steam's worst-rated game of all time

Overwatch 2 just became Steam's worst-rated game of all time

It just keeps getting worse

Oof. Overwatch is having a rough time of it, with Overwatch 2 having become the worst-rated game on Steam.

Since its launch, Overwatch 2 has faced a considerable amount of backlash, with fans complaining about monetisation of previously free features. The whole saga has been complicated and fraught with issues from the get-go, with the sequel never able to capture the magic of the original.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Watch Overwatch 2 gameplay!

But to become Steam’s worst-rated game of all time is a new low, even for Blizzard.

The review bombing of Overwatch 2 started in earnest the moment the title came to Steam on 10 August. A lot of the feedback came from concerned fans of the franchise, who’ve seen the game deteriorate over time, and are now trying to save new gamers disappointment.

Among the complaints was, understandably, the issue with fans being led to believe that PVE would be a free feature, only to later find out that it’s not. You have to pay for that.

We all knew Overwatch 2 was disliked by fans, but due to Battle.Net having no review system, just how annoyed everyone was remained pretty unknown. Besides the hallowed halls of Reddit, there was no other way for them to voice their displeasure.

As if any of us needed any more assurance that fans are ticked off, Pduke’s Reddit comment confirms that there’s really no coming back for the game in many fans’ eyes. In response to the news that the game is so negatively reviewed, they simply said: “Because Overwatch 2 doesn't exist. Instead we got overwatch 1.5 and a basket of cancelled promises. OW is a master class in how to run an IP into the ground.”

Any feel-good vibes that lingered are well and truly gone now, leaving Blizzard in a slight predicament considering it intends to release other titles on Steam in the coming months. Granted, Diablo 4 hasn’t received the death knell like OW 2, the negativity is likely to spread as more fans become annoyed.

Can Blizzard save OW 2 from this debacle? Honestly, it seems highly unlikely.

For the overwhelming negativity to balance out, thousands of Steam users would need to give the game a favourable rating, and right now that just isn’t going to happen.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard

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