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The Legend of Zelda meets Pokémon in new RPG, free download available

The Legend of Zelda meets Pokémon in new RPG, free download available

Zelda and Pokémon fans should check this out

When it comes to wonderful and immersive RPGs, there are not many that nail it quite as well as The Legend of Zelda and the Pokémon series.

Both of these beloved Nintendo franchises have been around for decades, yet the developers of each brand continually find new ways to keep them fresh and alive (well, mostly). Recently, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom was announced and finally, we’ll get to play as Princess Zelda, oh, and we’ve also got Pokémon Legends Z-A in 2025 to look forward to.

Check out the Wildaria trailer below!

However, if you have no patience for either of the two aforementioned games to arrive and you want a charming, fun RPG to check out now for free, then Wildaria might be your cup of tea and its playable demo is available to download now via Steam. Wilddaria is developed and published by the indie studio SpaceFudge.

“Step into the boundless realm of Wildaria, an infinite fantasy world where adventure knows no end and explore sun-dappled forests, ancient ruins, and vibrant ecosystems; every corner hides a secret,” reads the description of the game. “Engage in fast-paced combat, uncover powerful loot, and delve into procedurally-generated dungeons.”

“Forge bonds with loyal pets, each will have unique abilities to aid you and embark on randomly generated quests, ensuring no two journeys are the same,” it continues. “Prepare yourself, brave explorer. The world of Wildaria awaits – a realm where your destiny is ever-changing, and the adventure is as infinite as your imagination.”

No doubt, as soon as you begin playing its free demo, you’ll be instantly charmed by Wildaria’s retro pixelated visuals and soundtrack that's almost like being thrown headfirst into a 90s time capsule. At the time of writing, Wildaria does not have a release date but hopefully, it will be released at some point this year.

Featured Image Credit: SpaceFudge

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