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Fallout fans, you need to check out this free Steam download

Fallout fans, you need to check out this free Steam download

Winter Survival should appeal to Fallout fans - and a free demo is available to check out now.

It’s a well accepted fact that Fallout 5 isn’t going to drop in our hands anytime soon. Bethesda is hard at work supporting Starfield, with the focus then shifting over to The Elder Scrolls VI. It’s very much plausible that Fallout 5 could be an entire decade away.

With that in mind, you may be craving a Fallout fix - especially given that Fallout 4’s new-gen update was also delayed. Well, you can actually grab the first Fallout game for free right now, but that’s not what I’m here to tell you about. You may also want to keep your eye on Winter Survival, an upcoming open-world survival/hunting game which has a brutal new demo that you can download and sample right now.

Take a look at Winter Survival in action below.

Developed by DRAGO Entertainment, Winter Survival is due to release later this month on 28 february but thanks to Steam’s ongoing Next Fest, you can dive into a demo right now. Just like in the Fallout franchise, you’ll be tasked with surviving a harsh and desolate landscape but this time, you’ll swap feral ghouls and super mutants for deadly bears and boars.

The synopsis teases, “What was supposed to be a nice winter hike in the Mount Washington State Park with friends, turned into a dire situation. You are left alone to fight for your survival. With only marginal supplies you have to fight off the cold, thirst, hunger, wildlife and your own state of mind while finding your way to an abandoned ranger station in hope to be able to call for help.”

What’s unique about Winter Survival is that it boasts a ‘sanity system’, which teases to make it difficult for the player to distinguish “reality from madness”. Exhaustion can lead to hallucinations, making for a survival experience that’ll certainly keep you on your toes. Of course, you’re going to want to search the wilderness for supplies in order to build shelters to take refuge in.

Winter Survival can be played in Story Mode, Coldwave, or Endless Mode. The former is pretty straight forward - your task is to find your way back home. In Coldwave, your task is to see how long you can survive in ever changing weather conditions. In Endless, you’ll have extra resources at your disposal to try and conquer the wilderness. As I said, that free demo is available now.

Featured Image Credit: DRAGO Entertainment

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