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Elden Ring meets Bloodborne in free Steam download

Elden Ring meets Bloodborne in free Steam download

An upcoming Steam game marries together two iconic games

We doubt we’re alone in dreaming of a game that perfectly marries together Elden Ring and Bloodborne – it’s the dream combo everyone who’s a fan of both games wants. Well, this free Steam download is as close to that combination as we’ll get without FromSoftware stepping up.

Of course, for anyone who hasn’t experienced the might of Bloodborne and/or Elden Ring already, you definitely need to remedy that before even considering looking for other games to feel the void they inevitably leave behind.

The gameplay teaser for The Unfettered is making us excited to play this for real

But we’re assuming if you’re here, it’s because you’re in need of a pick me up after completing these two incredible games. The Unfettered on Steam should give you what you’re looking for. Described as a “dark fantasy action RPG”, it has all the hallmarks we look for when trying to find the next Souls-like experience.

“A heroic adventure awaits you every step you take in the sacred land. Take your place as a mighty warrior in a land of ruins, vast landscapes and dazzling designs. At the end of each battle, double the satisfaction of your success,” reads part of the PC title’s synopsis, just in case you need something extra to get those RPG juices following.

Although The Unfettered isn’t out yet, it’ll definitely release before Elden Ring 2, which appears to be on the cards after a tease was revealed by FromSoftware. And if it’s the future you’re looking at with anticipation, we want to add more glorious news: a Bloodborne film is reportedly in development. If that doesn’t prove the might of the game, we don’t know what will.

If you want to see what awaits you in the world of The Unfettered, the demo is free for eager players to download. Unfortunately, it looks like it only supports Microsoft operating systems rather than Apple, but hopefully that’ll change in the future once the game is released.

Featured Image Credit: Awkay Technologies

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