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Dino Crisis meets Jurassic Park in upcoming Steam horror game, we're sold

Dino Crisis meets Jurassic Park in upcoming Steam horror game, we're sold

This concept has certainly piqued our curiosity

If dinosaurs in their natural habitat were not scary enough, an upcoming survival horror game will have you face them in a much closer setting.

Combining the survival horror elements of Dino Crisis with the beasts themselves from Jurassic Park, Deathground is an upcoming survival horror game that will throw you into a fight against AI dinosaurs who are quite a bit peckish.

Check out the 1999 Dino Crisis trailer below! How times have changed...

Developed by Jaw Drop Games, Deathground is a solo and co-op title which sees you enter the Deathground with up to 3-players in squad-based action or if you are feeling brave enough, you can go it alone.

If you team-up, teamwork is vital if you wish to survive and when you are in constant mortal danger, you will have to work together to complete team-based objectives before your time runs out.

Those who go it alone cannot expect an easy ride as Deathground will add even more horror elements to keep you on your toes.

If you wish to survive, you will have to alternate between stealth, combat and objective gameplay to beat the AI dinosaurs roaming the map. However, all is not lost as players will have weapons at their disposal as they navigate a diverse and hostile arena.

Created in Unreal Engine 5, Deathground does not shy away from the horror and if a dinosaur catches you, you will soon see what they are capable of. With AI dinosaurs having unpredictable behaviour, split-second decision making is key and will make it so no run is the same.

With character classes to choose from to suit your playstyle, realistic and diverse environments to explore, replayable gameplay and even an original soundtrack by BAFTA-nominated composer David Housden, Deathground is not one to miss out on when it releases in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Jaw Drop Games

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