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Skyrim player gives 12-year-old character save the retirement they deserve

Skyrim player gives 12-year-old character save the retirement they deserve

This is a fitting end to a loyal, aged character

We all have characters we don’t want to say goodbye to; after lovingly creating them, it’s difficult to let go. One Skyrim fan has discovered this pain, yet, in doing so, they came up with a fitting end for their character.

Some of you are just starting out on your Skyrim journey, eager to see, taste, and smell all there is within this Bethesda RPG giant. However, for many players, the end is nigh. Having exhausted DLCs, next-gen Skyrim graphics, and learning about the distinct lack of female dragons, there’s nothing left except retirement.

After 12 years, one gamer faced the prospect of retiring their loyal character. But instead of simply whispering a fond farewell and shutting down the game, they went further. Get your hankies ready, as this wholesome tale will bring a tear to your eye.

Their character has been “standing in Ahzidal's armor, in the middle of a blizzard in Dawnstar, alone, since 2022”, the OP revealed. “So, I went to Solitude and bought her the cosiest pyjamas I could find, not really caring about the price, and returned to her home of Lakeview Manor.”

“[They] played a game with Blaise, gave Lucia a doll, said hello to her husband, Omluag. When all were asleep, I changed her into those cosy pyjamas, adorned with a crown, because she is an absolute queen who deserves it. I then placed her warhammer and bow she'd used in every fight on the table, finally lifting that weight off her back. I then sat her in the kitchen next to a fireplace and a warm meal. Rest now, Ivy, you deserve it!”

When I retire, I want someone to give me this level of care.

We're not ready to say goodbye to Skyrim!

“So beautiful I could cry,” replied one fan, while another said, “Wow. That's amazing. Like retiring a DnD character.” Mixed in with those responses were people joking about how rich the character must be after spending so long grinding through the game. Erm, how else do you think they afforded those cosy pyjamas?

Ivy, you served well. Enjoy your retirement.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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