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Skyrim fans furious over game-breaking bugs still impacting us 13 years later

Skyrim fans furious over game-breaking bugs still impacting us 13 years later

Fans have had enough!

Skyrim might still be loved by many, but that doesn’t mean fans don’t get annoyed by it.

Almost 13 years since its launch, Skyrim is causing issues that leave fans with a broken game and much anger.

To put it mildly, players are over it.

Redditor CriticalMassWealth had harsher words for Bethesda, saying, “It's been a few years, please fix your sh*t.”

They added how crashes happen “at least once a day”, with said comment partnered with the dreaded “an error has occurred” PlayStation message.

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We doubt it comforted the OP to learn that others are just as ticked off about this game-breaking bug. Yet, at least they’re not alone in their ire.

“When my wifi is slow sometimes it will cause my game to freeze when I pause,” remarked PainterEarly86. “Like bruv, it's an offline game wtf.”

For all its secrets, Skyrim is unable to escape the lack of attention Bethesda has given it since its launch. Even more so now it’s classed as an old game.

It isn’t just PlayStation fans who must suffer – Nintendo Switch gamers and Xbox users face similar problems too.

User Temporary_Account501 revealed as much, saying, “I play on a Switch which has no mods and still crashes. Same with my vanilla Xbox save.”

Should you be at your wit’s end, you can always try a free download that’s described as a cross between Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed.

Not that we think you should give up on the iconic RPG, just that you need to be prepared to be repeatedly slapped in the face with the aforementioned issue.

Maybe learning about a hidden quest will help make navigating the problem easier...? Or at least make enduring the issue worthwhile.

An update to rectify the bug doesn’t seem to be on the way; we doubt it ever will be, in all honesty.

It’s a shame because, after all this time, people still flock to Skyrim, only to be met with a problem that should have been ironed out years ago.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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