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Skyrim meets Assassin's Creed in free download you can check out now

Skyrim meets Assassin's Creed in free download you can check out now

Expand one of Skyrim's best quests with this mod

It may feel like a fever dream but yes, Bethesda did really drop an Elder Scrolls VI reveal trailer back in 2018.

Too early? Yes is the answer to that question but don’t worry, Bethesda is very much self aware.

The thing is, this particular trailer was intended to drum up interest amongst investors which is, I suppose, somewhat understandable.

That’s not ideal though when it simultaneously misleads fans into thinking the game might actually arrive within a reasonable time window.

To state the obvious, 2018 was six years ago and we’ve not seen a single snippet of The Elder Scrolls VI since.

Bethesda is hard at work on the project and supposedly, there is a primitive build that’s playable internally.

It sounds as if it’s still going to be several years though until we can even think about something like a release date.

You can see why so many of us Elder Scrolls fans keep on returning to Skyrim in the meantime.

It’s a comfort blanket that never fails to give us that classic Bethesda fix.

Let’s throw it back to that The Elder Scrolls VI trailer. Take a look below.

If you do find yourself firing up Skyrim again, on PC I should add, you may want to check out the ‘Destroy the Dark Brotherhood - Quest Expansion’ mod by NexusMods user jayserpa.

This Assassin’s Creed-esque style quest expansion adds several new options to what is already one of Skyrim’s best quests.

Players will be able to make use of a new way to get kidnapped by Astrid without having to kill Grelod as killing any of the vanilla Dark Brotherhood contracts will now trigger the act.

There are 13 options in total to target - with some putting up a real fight - and Astrid’s dialogue lines have been spliced to reflect your actions.

Additionally, you now have to discover the Sanctuary password yourself, after quite easily being told it in the original version of the quest, and combat encounters with the Dark Brotherhood members have been intensified.

The mod adds fully-voiced dialogue, expands the lore, and you’ll have far more opportunity to creep through the shadows as you watch the Dark Brotherhood at work before you make your move.

It’s a stellar mod and you can grab it for free right now.

Featured Image Credit: jayserpa via NexusMods

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