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Red Dead Redemption 2 can finally hit 60fps on PlayStation 5

Red Dead Redemption 2 can finally hit 60fps on PlayStation 5

Trot the dusty towns with all the majesty that 60fps demands

There are many things Red Dead Redemption fans want – a television series, expanded maps, and, most importantly, for RDR II to hit 60fps on the PlayStation 5. The latter two examples are achievable, though not through anything officially licensed by Rockstar Games.

As Twitter user @illusion demonstrated, the enigmatic 60fps for the PS5 is obtainable; the video they posted shows the ever-gorgeous-looking sequel trotting with wonderful fluidity. It’s garnered a lot of interest from fans, as well as Xbox and PC fanboys who are unable to keep quiet about which platform is superior. Currently, the video has 12.2K likes, as well as 887 reposts, yet nowhere in the video does the OP explain how they hit 60fps.

Revisit the wild west in the Red Dead Redemption II trailer

“OHH MY GODDD, WHY ISN’T ROCKSTAR ACTUALLY UPDATING THE FPS, IT’S SO SMOOTH,” asked one fan, while another voiced their “wish” for Rockstar to release a 60fps patch, before adding they “don’t know why they won’t do it”. It is certainly difficult to understand the reasoning behind leaving PS5 players to stare longingly at what they can’t have unless they hack their consoles. If you too are wondering why the devs don’t patch the game, one sceptical gamer said, rather harshly, that it’s because “RDR II meat riders will buy a $60 upgrade”. Ouch.

Frustratingly, it was only last month that a 60fps patch for the original Red Dead Redemption became available, news that annoyed fans instead of exciting them. Mainly because they’d been hoping for such an update to also apply to the sequel, a game which has been crowned “the best open-world” game ever made. “I thought they meant [RDR] 2. F**king hell man, quietly go add it to 2? What the f**k honestly,” said one angry Redditor. This comment was quickly followed by another of the same ilk, only this time they decided to leave the f-bomb alone – the other fan had said it enough.

Perhaps, while cynicism towards Rockstar is understandable given how long gamers have been waiting for GTA VI, it might be unfair. After all, the devs are currently preoccupied elsewhere. Nevertheless, with yet another week of no GTA VI trailer, patience isn’t just wearing thin, it’s a gaping hole.

Now, please excuse us while we go and watch this 60fps video over and over, savouring the moment before we must come crashing back to reality.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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