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Red Dead Redemption 2's final level named 'peak video game storytelling'

Red Dead Redemption 2's final level named 'peak video game storytelling'

Few endings hit you in the feels like this

The accolades for Red Dead Redemption II are seemingly endless, as gamers are still praising the game’s depth, of which its story is second to none. Having won awards for its narrative, it’s unsurprising that RDRII’s final level has been crowned as “peak video game storytelling”.

A lot of other missions, not just from the Red Dead Redemption universe but from other games as well, entered the debate over on Reddit. But, given the majestic power of being an “untouchable masterpiece” all these years later, it goes without saying that RDRII pipped a lot of its competition to the post.

Watch Red Dead Redemption II in all its splendour in the gameplay trailer

During the final level of the game, numerous moments could be argued as hitting that narrative peak, however, for a lot of fans it’s Arthur’s final ride that’s the most heartbreaking. The music, the animations, the unavoidable fate – they all come together to create a moment that hits you right in the feels. I dare anyone to play those final moments and not tear up. Some gamers have been so moved by the game in its entirety that they’ve felt depression upon its completion. “The final mission of chapter 6 hit me like a freight train, f**king amazing,” said MadTeaCup_YT.

Still, while the ending is an emotional rollercoaster that lingers long after it ends, there’s also happiness to be found in RDRII as well; all elements add to the rich tapestry that is its storytelling. One such highlight, though not strictly vital to the plot, is the game recognising that “Rufus is a good boy”. Of course he is, how could such a wonderful doggo be anything else from the bestest boy in the world?

There are such powerful moments within the world of RDR, so much so that the narratives of Uncharted, Control, and Ghost of Tsushima can’t quite compete. When else do you see a fandom say that a third game is unnecessary because of how good the previous two games were? It never happens.

Though, as with anything, this is a matter of opinion. If another game mission moves you more than RDRII, there’s no judgement from us; so many games punch you in the gut with emotions.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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