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Red Dead Redemption 2 Misterix adds giant monsters and demons to the game

Red Dead Redemption 2 Misterix adds giant monsters and demons to the game

Move aside, zombies, there's bigger monsters coming to RDR II

Red Dead Redemption II, without a doubt, is a fantastic RPG. Right from the get-go, it builds on the momentum of the first game, introducing more relatable characters while also, briefly, bringing back some old ones. But it has a flaw – it lacks giant monsters and demons.

I know, I know, The Witcher franchise is better suited to anyone looking to become a monster hunter, but not everyone wants to hunt ghouls in fantastical locations. Sometimes, we just want to be cowboys. Wrangling one monster after another, before heading to the saloon to enjoy some NSFW activities of the opium-related variety.

Bite down on some seriously horrific thrills with RDR: Undead Nightmare!

If this is a fever dream you’ve had, watch as it takes form and appears before your very eyes, courtesy of the ‘Misterix Redemption (Alpha)’ mod. Despite its name being rather lacklustre, this mod delivers the goods in terms of monsters, creatures, the undead, demonic activity, and just about any other satanic entity you can imagine. Just in case your imagination fails you, here’s the full list of “mysteries” the mod bestows upon gamers:

. Big Sister

. Bogeyman

. Colossal Buffalo

. Dead Child Cult

. Giant Hunter

. Giant Prisoner

. House of the Damned

. King Alligator

. King Bear

. King Crab

. King Gila

. Mad Couple

. Megalodon

. Robot

. Snow Giant

. Suicidal Family

. The Butcher

. The Village

. Three Sisters

. Vampires

. Witches

The whole gang is here! If RDR II is already considered an “untouchable masterpiece” in its vanilla form, aka without any mods, then the hype it’ll get once you've installed this extra will be unfathomable. No words can comprehend such a creation. Unless you’re a gamer, then you can explain it in a simple sentence: “Thanks for making Red Dead Redemption II look like The Witcher 3”. Now before anyone comes at me about all the problems with The Witcher 3, leave me alone, I’m content in my own bubble of Geralt and the world he lives in slaying both style and monsters.

Yes, this NexusMod does give RDR II a The Witcher vibe, but it’s still intrinsically RDR to its core. Of course, if you’d prefer to keep ghouls and goblins limited to titles CD Projekt Red only, then sticking with Rockstar's ‘Undead Nightmare II – Origins’ is advised. Zombies everywhere, my dudes. It’s a killing field.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games and Misterix Redemption (Alpha)

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