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PlayStation studio behind The Getaway has officially closed forever after 22 years

PlayStation studio behind The Getaway has officially closed forever after 22 years

It's no word of a lie to say we've lost a great studio

The video games industry is in tatters right now.

Despite many exceptional games being created, there are layoffs and closures around every bend.

We’ve become so used to the news happening, but by no means accepting of it. It’s gotten so bad that fans have hit out at the multiple cancellations of games that deserved more.

More backlash is likely to come. Even more so after PlayStation London Studio said its final farewell after over two decades in the industry.

“Give it 10 years and all good software development will have left the UK,” shared Reddit user Solid_Lettuce3367, giving us all food for thought.

Others just reminisced about the good ol’ days that are seemingly behind us.

“That's sad. I get very nostalgic thinking about those EyeToy games and reading about all the new weird PlayStation move games when it was coming out,” one gamer said.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to sour toward Sony.

“Honestly, Sony aren't great about their entire retro catalog in general,” explained LordOfDorkness42.

The memories are coming thick and fast after watching The Getaway trailer

“Like, even with an entire tire of PS Plus being all about classics, I don't think a single ‘new’ title has been added since they introduced that Classics Catalog. Or at least no advertising or buzz about it.”

It really is a dark day when studios behind such iconic classics like The Getaway are left with no chance for a new era of its legacy.

You only have to search the title in Google to see a long list of positive reviews, like this one that says, “When crime games were crime games... This was the best gangster/crime game in its day and arguably it still is now.”

We still have the memories – and the game if you’ve kept your copy and PS2. But to lose the studio behind it makes the memories bittersweet.

Featured Image Credit: PlayStation London Studio

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