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PlayStation just revived Resistance in a big way

PlayStation just revived Resistance in a big way

A classic Resistance game just received a major update courtesy of PlayStation Plus.

Little can rival Call of Duty within the shooter genre. It’s more than a franchise at this stage. It’s a cultural behemoth.

That being said, if PlayStation did want to enter the ring with its own competitor, it needs look no further than its back catalogue as the Resistance franchise is primed and ready for revival.

It’s no secret that fans of Resistance are clamouring for a new entry. After all, the last mainline entry landed in 2011 with Resistance 3 on the PlayStation 3.

Those of you with a PlayStation Vita may then have had the chance to enjoy Resistance: Burning Skies in 2012. From then on though? Complete and utter dormancy.

That is until now. I’ll cut to the chase - I’m not talking about a new entry. As much as we’d love a brand new Resistance game, it’s not a prospect that’s currently on the cards.

There is some new content for fans to enjoy though. Over on PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Portable classic Resistance: Retribution is set to receive a new Infected Mode and more in a major new update landing this week.

FPS Immortals of Aveum recently landed on PS Plus’ essential tier.

Resistance: Retribution first landed back in 2009 on the aforementioned PlayStation Portable before it was revived earlier this year on PS4 and PS5 platforms, courtesy of PlayStation Plus.

Bend Studio has since announced Patch 1.02 with the main headliner being a new highly-requested Infected Mode.

“Playing in Infected Mode, James Grayson will wear the black Specter uniform with glowing Chimeran eyes (creepy). As Grayson, you now possess regenerative health and can breathe underwater. Plus, there is more Intel to find and a shiny new weapon to use. Hint: It's the HE.44 Magnum,” the patch notes tease.

This new mode is accompanied by three brand new trophies. As for what you’ll have to do to earn these trophies, that’s not clear just yet.

The update also includes some fixes. The last story trophy should now pop up upon completion of the relevant mission as it previously wasn’t for some players.

That’s about it for specifics with other ‘general bugs’ also having been seen to.

The update is set to drop this week so I’d definitely recommend keeping an eye on Bend’s social media pages.

It’s not the comeback some Resistance fans have been dreaming of, but it’s certainly a step closer towards that, so we can hardly complain.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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