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PlayStation Plus users praise Portal inspired free game as 'coolest' they've played

PlayStation Plus users praise Portal inspired free game as 'coolest' they've played

A fiendish puzzler for PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus users are praising puzzler Superliminal, which takes major inspiration from, and is perfect for fans of, Valve's classic Portal.

One Redditor has taken to the site to give a shout out to indie game Superliminal, saying it's "one of the coolest games I’ve played in a long time." They explained that it gave them the "same feeling that playing Portal for the first time did."

Portal is still held up as one of the best puzzle games ever created. Take a look at the Prelude RTX experience below.

I'm going to have to agree with the original poster of the thread. I reviewed the game on release and it blew my mind. The premise of the game is to make it through a series of puzzles by enlarging or shrinking objects and combining this with changes in perspective. It definitely gives off Portal vibes, minus the sassy voicelines.

Other players joined in the praise saying things like, "Great game. Has a bit of a Stanley Parable vibe about it (brilliant game)," and, "I'm having a blast with it." There are also a great deal of people thanking the Redditor for bringing it to their attention. PlayStation Plus' catalogue is a hefty one and it can be hard to know what to play, so posts like this surely help to expand the install base.

One user, u/andykekomi, added that Superliminal is "super creative and it has tons of very well hidden collectibles that are very satisfying to hunt for." The way the game handles puzzles, and informs players, is by suggesting options and letting you play within the world. Copying items, enlarging them, this can all be reversed simply so it's often down to trial and error and experimentation. The game makes you feel like a child opening a box of toys.

Featured Image Credit: Pillow Castle Games, Sony

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