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PlayStation Plus subscribers can earn bonus free download right now

PlayStation Plus subscribers can earn bonus free download right now

PlayStation Plus premium subscribers have a major advantage when it comes to one particular PlayStation Stars campaign.

By now, many of you will be familiar with the fact that PlayStation users can earn points and collectibles via the loyalty scheme PlayStation Stars.

Collectibles can be displayed on your own virtual trophy shelf whilst points can be exchanged for store credit, once you’ve garnered enough.

To earn both points and collectibles, you’ll need to peruse PlayStation Stars’ list of campaigns which task you with completing easy challenges.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will have an advantage as some campaigns are exclusive to the subscription service.

The campaign that I want to draw your attention to today though is actually available for all PlayStation users to partake in, but this particular hack concerns those of you subscribed to PS Plus’ premium tier.

FPS Immortals of Aveum has just landed on PlayStation Plus’ essential tier. Take a look at the game in action below.

It’s the ‘MLB The Show 24 | Launch Day’ campaign that’s the topic of today’s article. Should you complete this particular campaign, you’ll earn the ‘Slugger’ rare collectible to display on your virtual shelf.

I’ll preface this by saying that this isn’t exactly the world’s most exciting download but I’m sure there are some avid collectors of these digital display pieces out there.

To earn the ‘Slugger’, you need to “play MLB The Show 24 on PS4 or PS5”. You’ll also want to make sure that you’ve hit the ‘Start’ button on the campaign.

Given that MLB The Show 24 only launched in March, it boasts a pretty hefty price tag of £59.99 over on the PlayStation Store.

However, as pointed out by Reddit user Danithewheelchiar, a two-hour free trial of the game is included in PlayStation Plus’ premium tier.

If you sample the free trial, it counts towards the PlayStation Stars campaign, earning you the ‘Slugger’ to proudly display on your shelf.

It’s well worth having a peruse of PlayStation Stars to see what else you can earn, particularly those campaigns offering points which can later be redeemed for store credit.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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