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PlayStation Plus bonus May free game is an open-world banger

PlayStation Plus bonus May free game is an open-world banger

Is it time to give Watch Dogs another chance?

It looks like PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting what is considered to be an underrated open-world banger later this month.

When Watch Dogs was released in 2014, it perhaps wasn't met with the high critical acclaim that Ubisoft had hoped for. This was likely due to the hype generated from the now infamous gameplay reveal from E3 2013 that resulted in a major graphics downgrade when the full game was released the following year.

Check out the Watch Dogs trailer below!

To be fair, Watch Dogs was well received on aggregate websites such as Metacritic earning a respectable score of 80, however, given what the 2013 reveal had promised, fans understandably expected more. Now it's been 10 years since we were introduced to Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs, so is it time to revisit this underrated game to give it another chance?

Set in a dystopian Chicago, in Watch Dogs: “You play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Now on the hunt for those who hurt your family, you'll be able to monitor and hack all who surround you by manipulating everything connected to the city’s network.”

As reported by, alongside The Settlers: New Allies, Watch Dogs will be one of the inclusions for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers for May 2024. At this time, this is a rumour but it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the decade-old Ubisoft title may be headed to PS Plus soon, especially not for the first time.

Sure, it may not be all that exciting to play the original Watch Dogs in 2024 but if you were initially put off by this game ten years ago or perhaps unfairly compared it to the likes of the goliath that is GTA V, it might be time to get this open-world banger another chance after all.

Watch Dogs is out now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Wii U. The most recent entry is 2020’s Watch Dogs: Legion out now on modern consoles.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment/Ubisoft

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