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PlayStation Plus free games for October 2023 announced

PlayStation Plus free games for October 2023 announced

A big Plus

Sony has announced the next batch of games coming as part of the monthly PlayStation Plus Essential drop, and while it's nowhere near the disaster last month was, I'm not certain you'll suddenly be okay with the price hike.

PlayStation Plus subscribers were pretty horrified with the free games for September, and it was our hope that October's freebies would be a considerable step up to justify the recent price increases. The good news is this is a better month than September. The bad? It's still not amazing.

As per a leak earlier this week, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get their hands on the twisted - if uneven - horror adventure The Callisto Protocol. If that's a little too gory for you, you can go in completely the opposite direction with Farming Simulator 22. Two very different games, both perfect for autumn in their own ways.

"The Callisto Protocol is a lucid dream of a game," we wrote in our review at the time. "You want to escape the terrors flickering before you but once the game gets hold with both tentacles, you’re trapped in the hostile environment of the best horror game of the year."

Unfortunately we're a small team and never reviewed Farming Simulator, although if the GAMINGbible audience is really keen for that kind of coverage do write in and I'll see what I can do to make it happen.

The third and final game is one I've been dying to check out for a while: the Western-themed fantasy horror Weird West. If you imagine the original Fallout crossed with Red Dead Redemption and a dash of Disco Elysium, you're close to getting what Weird West is. Definitely a highlight for me personally, but I'm sure some of you will have been dying to check out The Callisto Protocol. Dying. Halloween. Hohoho.

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