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PlayStation Plus users are begging you to play this year's best game so far

PlayStation Plus users are begging you to play this year's best game so far

Well, well, well...

Hearing from players when they’re excited about a game is one of the best things. Word of mouth, as well as critical acclaim, is gold to a developer.

It’s no surprise that Reddit is talking about this PlayStation Plus title and billing it as one of the best titles in 2024, as it has been getting widespread positive reviews and comments, so far.

This is just an excuse for me to say you should all play Returnal as it's also on PlayStation Plus

The game is Animal Well, and it’s featured on PlayStation Plus Extra so can be downloaded and played for free, as part of the subscription.

If you’ve not heard of this game, I’m not too surprised. I hadn’t heard much about it until social media caught the buzz. While I’ve not played a great deal of the game yet, what I’ve experienced is delightful.

Animal Well is a MetroidVania built on super simple pixel graphics and, as one Redditor says “It is full of heart, great gameplay, amazing art and truly my indie game of the year so far. It’s a true gem.”

Much of the Reddit thread is people exclaiming that they either didn’t know this game existed, or shocked that it has come to PlayStation Plus.

One thing to note if you’re going to be jumping in, this is a pretty tough example of the genre, with some devious puzzles and plenty pf tricky sections that test your skills.

One Redditor comments, “I dabbled a little in the game, I think I might be too stupid to play it though lol.” Doing themselves a disservice there. While another user appreciates the game so much they go on to exclaim, “And if you don’t have Extra, it’s well worth the $23. It’s truly excellent.”

If you want something truly unique, that finds its charm in the small details, Animal Well is worth your time.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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