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PlayStation Plus users surprised with free access to major 2024 PS exclusive

PlayStation Plus users surprised with free access to major 2024 PS exclusive

What a delightful surprise!

PlayStation Plus often faces a lot of flak from its users, but we doubt it'll be facing any backlash after this announcement.

Yesterday, 13 free games were added to the Sony subscription service, including Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, and Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion, to name but a few.

As if that wasn’t already a decent line-up, it becomes even better when you realise that those additions add 200 hours of free games to the Extra tier.

Have you seen the Concord gameplay trailer yet?

Compared to Xbox Game Pass users, PS stans are winning right now. And that victory looks set to continue as surprise free access to a 2024 PS exclusive has landed.

From 6pm BST tomorrow, Friday 12 July, PlayStation users can play the Concord early access beta for free. If you’re eager to get a head start, you can pre-download the upcoming sci-fi experience from 6pm onwards today (11 July).

“Concord is a new team-based first-person shooter for PS5 and PC, where you have the power to be the game-changer for your team.”

Furthermore, “Handpick your personal roster of Freegunners from the crew of the Northstar – a group of misfits, outlaws, and adventurers working as guns-for-hire. Team up to take on rival crews across the spectacular worlds of the Wilds of space in a range of PVP modes.”

Those keen to start their life as a Freegunner are already voicing their excitement in light of this news.

Twitter user Geeky Pastimes posted, “That's exciting! Will definitely check this out.” Later on in the comments, another simply remarked, “AWESOME NEWS.”

It’s evident that the fans are ready to fight it out using whatever means necessary. With the ability to “create your own custom squads of Freegunners”, there’s no end of possibilities awaiting you in Concord.

“You decide when to play your characters and how you impact the match." The question is, are you ready?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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