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PlayStation Plus adds of 200 hours worth of free games to the extra tier

PlayStation Plus adds of 200 hours worth of free games to the extra tier

PS Plus offers bang for your buck

Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service can offer hundreds of video games to play in an instant, especially if you’re a member of the Extra or Premium tiers.

Granted, there are still loads of games to play with PS Plus Essential (as long as you add the monthly games to your library) but the two upper tiers blow the doors wide open when it comes to hundreds of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games at your disposal. That being said, all three tiers offer additional bonuses such as exclusive DLC and discounts.

Check out the Remnant II trailer below!

Earlier this week, Sony announced the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium offerings for July 2024 bringing a total of 13 free games for us to enjoy. The offerings brought us a mixture of AAA big hitters, indie darlings, and classics of yesteryear as well as some immersive PSVR games to play.

Despite receiving PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass price hikes, the monthly subscription costs both offer some value for money when compared to buying AAA games outright. Saving money is great, of course, but how much playtime do the PS Plus Extra games for July 2024 offer, I hear you ask?

According to an estimate totalled up by data provided by HowLongToBeat, the nine games included in PS Plus Extra for this month amount to over 200 hours of playtime. The accumulated estimates are taken from main story completion and not all the extras such as side-quests and treasure hunting.

So, if you’re the kind of gamer who likes to complete the story and all side activities, you can spend much more than 200 hours if you somehow manage to 100% every game included in PS Plus Extra for July 2024. Two of the games that will perhaps provide the most amount of hours are Remnant II and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

All the games included in PS Plus Extra and Premium this month will be available from Tuesday, 16 July 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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