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PlayStation Plus looks set to gain a 2023 AAA shooter

PlayStation Plus looks set to gain a 2023 AAA shooter

Could this shooter get a new lease of life?

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass can often end up being places for some games to get a new lease of life . Games that may have underperformed or released to middling review scores that saw gamers shy away become titles gamers can sample with no financial outlay to them.

A discussion is happening currently that could bring Immortals of Aveum, a magic-based shooter, to PlayStation Plus; a game that on the surface looked wonderful, but was lacking in many areas and saw the development team being laid off.

Immortals of Aveum tried something different with the shooter genre using magic instead of weapons.

Bret Robbins, former Call of Duty developer, told Windows Central that subscription services definitely give studios a "wider funnel" and that launching Immortals on PlayStation Plus could lead to a larger player base. He also confirmed that conversations are underway saying, "Yes, we are talking to them about getting the game onto both of those services. We don't have a date yet, I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen, though," referencing Game Pass as well.

When asked whether he believed that launching in the stacked year of 2023 could have resorted in a lack of sales he responded saying, "100 percent". It's not a surprise. Any game launching this year had the chance to struggle while going up against games like Baldur's Gate 3 or Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. "I've never seen a year like this," Robbins added.

When he was asked if releasing Immortals directly to Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus could have helped the game he said, "To be honest, I don't know. I don't know if that would've been better for us or worse," and apparently the call would have been EA's to make. Let's hope the game sees a second wind with a launch on PlayStation Plus where it may find the audience it originally wanted.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, EA

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