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PlayStation Plus bonus free game is instantly charming players

PlayStation Plus bonus free game is instantly charming players

A free PlayStation Plus game has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of PlayStation players, and you can play it right now.

PlayStation Plus has been off to a good start this month, with three new free games for subscribers across all tiers.

The three PlayStation Plus games include PGA Tour 2K23, Death's Door, and the topic of today's discussion Dreams, a play, share, and create game that lets you make and publish whatever you want.

Check out the trailer for Dreams below

Released in 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Dreams allows its users to create games, music, artwork and more, with imagination truly being the limit to what you can build with its tools. While there have been some stunning creations since it was initially released, a group of game developers have made something truly special, Tren, and it's available as a free update for Dreams right now.

Tren is essentially a game where you control little toy trains and navigate over 95 levels, all of which have their own challenges, gimmicks and themes. There are obstacles to avoid, loops to ride through, and you can even build your own tracks in a creative mode.

The game’s creator, John Beech, Creative Director of Media Molecule, spoke about the project in a PlayStation Blog, saying it came about from his “love of playing with those toy trains as a kid.”

The update was showcased in a gorgeous trailer via the official PlayStation YouTube account and has seemingly been a hit amongst fans who’ve praised it for its creativity. Some have even been praising the game for bringing them back to a similar time of life, where we all had fewer responsibilities and worries outside of what we were going to play with that day.

“That is an incredibly professional-looking Dreams project, pretty incredible. I think it would have come by now but it's a shame we never saw a PS5 version of Dreams.”

“Dreams is the most underrated game of the century.”

“This game feels really nostalgic it’s like the old times where you used to imagine doing this stuff with your toy train I know this is the whole point of the game but it’s still really cool”

Dreams is available to download for free on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems for all PlayStation Plus subscribers, but only until next month when the next set of free games arrives.

Featured Image Credit: Media Molecule/PlayStation

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