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PlayStation Plus drops 7 free bonus downloads for subscribers

PlayStation Plus drops 7 free bonus downloads for subscribers

Grab 'em while they're hot.

It is PS Plus time, my dudes. We’ve now entered August, which not only means that PlayStation Plus subscribers can currently grab a whole load of free stuff as part of their subscription, but it’s also a slightly terrifying reminder that we’re three quarters of the way through the year. Where did all the time go?

In case you weren’t aware, this month, subscribers can essentially grab themselves four free games instead of the usual three. The official lineup consists of PGA Tour 2K23, Death’s Door and Dreams - the game creation title from Media Molecule. It just so happens that the delightful, nostalgic train game, Tren, released within Dreams on 1 August, so you can also play that at no extra cost. It’s an absolute treat, too, so don’t miss out.

Take a look at the wonderful toy train game, Tren, in action right here.

Anyway, the freebies don’t stop there. As helpfully highlighted by Reddit user MeDungeon, seven new PlayStation Plus exclusive download packs are now available for a number of games. Let’s quickly summarise.

First up is the Azure Crusader’s Armor Bundle for Puzzle Quest 3, which unlocks skins for the five original heroes, as well as an Epic Bone Mask, some armour shards and gold. Then, we have the Helicopter Snail Bundle for War Thunder, which unlocks a unique Helicopter Snail decal.

Meanwhile, World of Tanks players (who are also subscribed to PS Plus), can claim the August Supply Drop, which includes 400,000 silver and loads of in-game items. Also on offer is a VIP Booster for Mortal Blitz : Combat Arena, which will increase players’ EXP and TP gain.

For Disney Speedstorm, PS Plus subscribers can grab a new PlayStation Plus Exclusive Pack which contains the Mulan Sterling Legacy Suit, alongside a Dragon Flame avatar and Dragon Flame Sterling Edition Livery. For Path of Exile, Bundle 12 is available right now, and finally, for Dauntless, the Summer Slayer Pack is also on offer, which includes loads of helpful in-game items including 25 Patrol Keys and a Tonics Bundle.

Obviously, some of those downloads will be a lot more exciting than others depending on whether you already play the games that they’re linked to, but even so, don’t miss out.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Krzysztof Hepner via Unsplash

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