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PlayStation gamer gets $95 refund after 9-year-old game goes offline

PlayStation gamer gets $95 refund after 9-year-old game goes offline

After all this time, Sony did them a solid and refunded them

A PlayStation player has done the impossible and been refunded money for a game that’s nine years old.

It sounds so unlikely, especially Sony’s previous behaviour towards refunds. Yet, the gamer in question says that they received a $95 refund.

This story starts where another one ends: The Crew was recently culled by Ubisoft, leaving fans who still used its online services totally in the dark. Much like the Nintendo users who had to watch as the recent shutdown deleted their Pokémon.

In a Reddit post, the PS player who pulled off the impossible said, “I bought the game in 2015 and I didn’t play the game that much since then.”

“And on 31 March 2024 after nine years I contacted PlayStation support to get me [a] refund because the game is not working anymore, and to my surprise they actually refunded it.”

Naturally, other players are shocked by this. However, according to another source, it’s a “grey area” in refunds when it comes to a developer removing a game.

“But in a case like this where the developer basically took the game away, I feel there's a whole grey area,” they remarked.

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“If they refund everyone who purchases the game, I feel they would then try and get Ubisoft to repay them. Ubisoft would definitely wind up feeling the pain on this one.”

This could, of course, be a one off – a moment where PlayStation felt the urge to do right by gamers. Or it could be a sign that Ubisoft is about to get stung so bad it’s left reeling from it.

Either way, we’re pleased that The Crew player got the refund after all this time; that’s a win that deserves to be celebrated.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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