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Select PlayStation users can grab free store credit in time for Christmas

Select PlayStation users can grab free store credit in time for Christmas

This feels like Santa has given the rest of us coal

There are some of us who are chosen, destined for greatness, and there are the ones left behind to watch through tear-filled eyes. For all of the PlayStation players not in Germany, we fall into the latter category, with a select portion of gamers able to get free store credit ready for Christmas.

We’re, of course, talking about the advent calendar that has now been bestowed upon German PS players for three years in a row now. Not only do they get a fresh, new design each time, but all those who purchase it will get store credit too, with the amount having increased to €50 this year.

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To be clear, that credit is separated into two €25 vouchers. However, that matters little when those outside the region are given nothing as jolly or festive for us to see in the Christmas celebrations. Alongside those vouchers, there are also puzzle pieces to collect, as well as PSN avatars, and even the chance to win the PS VR2.

It feels like we’re teasing you at this point, especially when we add that, according to one social media user, the calendar has been on sale for a few days now. Still, while only a select few have been chosen, there are other ways to enjoy the festivities, chiefly with Black Friday sales looming ahead of us.

One such deal is a slashing of the PS Plus price, undoubtedly music to the ears of gamers who’ve been put off by the cost of the subscription before. Interestingly, while interest in what PS Plus offers is at an all-time low, subscriptions to the service have increased, yet Sony is keeping quiet about that fact.

Although free store credit isn’t on the cards for all of us this Christmas, we can at least take comfort in knowing that sweet deals are on the way, even if they’re for a limited time only.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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