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PlayStation free store credit leaves gamers absolutely baffled

PlayStation free store credit leaves gamers absolutely baffled

Anyone else confused but pleasantly so?

We love a generous deal as much as the next person, but if the deal far exceeds any others, why would you ever accept anything less? This is what PlayStation gamers are asking as they’re left baffled by one particular free store credit offer.

One PS fan took to Reddit to share their discovery, as well as admit they’re confused about why such a system is in place. In exchange for 5,000 PS Stars, this player was able to get a £20 gift card. That’s already a great deal, yet it becomes all the sweeter when you realise that you could exchange 15,000 PS Stars for £60 worth of gift cards, as the OP suggests.

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“Question: why would I, or anyone else, spend 15,000 points on Sekiro (which is a £30 game every sale) versus getting a £60 gift card for 15000 points?” They concluded, “[It’s a] very flawed system.” Flawed it may be, but for those of us who have points to spare, it’s a great day to learn of such a “loophole” we can exploit.

What is more, as one Redditor reminded everyone, “You’re still getting points for the purchase that you will make with your redeemed 20 USD.” In short, you can convert PS Stars to get free money, to then get more points from using that free money, which can then be used to get more gift cards. It’s magnificent. Baffling, but magnificent all the same.

PlayStation Plus might still be on rocky grounds with its users after December’s games were announced (though this month is an improvement on the last), however, this free store credit system might just make up for that.

In the words of many happy PS players, “Infinite point glitch discovered”. Now go, go and enjoy this confusingly beautiful abuse of free store credit before Sony does something about it.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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