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PlayStation drops free download for 2024 game, no PS Plus needed

PlayStation drops free download for 2024 game, no PS Plus needed

Praise be, PlayStation players can get a freebie without PS Plus

We’re not far into 2024, but already we crave something to spice things up a bit. While Blue Monday is a corporate cash grab, there’s no denying that January can be a bleak month. Fortunately, PlayStation has dropped a free download to help cheer us up.

Best of all, you don’t need a PS Plus subscription to reap the benefits of this free download, arguably making it a double whammy of a win. Granted, this isn’t as big news as the latest PlayStation model that’s left fans stunned, but let’s call it a close second.

Can’t contain your anticipation any longer? Okay, we’ll yield and tell you that you can get six – that’s right, sixRise of the Ronin avatars for absolutely nothing. The upcoming game is due for release on 22 March, which feels like an arduously long wait for this Ghost of Tsushima-style RPG.

How stunning does Rise of the Ronin look?

Obviously, Sony senses that we can’t go that long without something for our patience, and has decided to offer these free downloads as a way of thanking us. It’s a small gesture that means a lot, surely.

To grab the Rise of the Ronin avatars, you need to log in to your account and then select each avatar to claim it. Unfortunately, while all six avatars are free, you need to interact with each individual one to claim the reward, a task which some users find “inconvenient”.

Although not a seamless way to get the goods, the end result is the same: you walk away with six stunning free avatars to choose from. Should you run into issues claiming the avatars, make sure to check that your location is appropriately set if claiming via the link provided – you can’t claim for the avatars via the US link if you’re in the UK, for example.

Now we have our free avatars, we’re off to count down the days until Rise of the Ronin is available to purchase. Only over a month and a bit to go.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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